Rakesh Daultabad believes considering overall problems that India is facing at this point in time and age the major issues are interlinked causing one due to other. For example, a dynamic increase in the population is somehow related to.

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The whole concept of rahgiri in itself is extraordinary and Rakesh Daultabad took it to another level by organising a similar series of events in the rural areas of Gurugram. A unique event consisting of basic traditional games like Tug of War,

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As rightly said “the greatest wealth is health”, Rakesh Daultabad has always advocated the availability of proper health care facilities to the people in every economical sections of the society

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Rakesh Daultabad

गरीबों और जरूरतमंदों को अब अदालत और थाने से डरने की जरूरत नहीं हैं। आपकी सहायता के लिए परिवर्तन संघ की ओर से वकीलों… https://t.co/lFum6EkP9D1 day`s ago
After discussion with @DC_Gurugram we are preparing a data to make the clusters of the societies from sector 65-11… https://t.co/p8crRyjOOx19 day`s ago
In Vidhansabha raised issues of very slow progress of METRO DPR approval, 300 meter (air force stn) Infra, and unus… https://t.co/8H9T18KIJq5 month`s ago
My Vidhansabha Debate on #BuilderRaj in Gurugram. @cmohry @BJP4Haryana @INCHaryana @AAPHaryana https://t.co/o83THY3dWz5 month`s ago
RT @sunny_daultabad: To understand & Solve public Grivences Hn’ble Mla @rakeshdaultabad holds "#विधायक_आपके_द्वार" event along with officia…8 month`s ago
RT @sunny_daultabad: Hon MLA Badhshahpur Sh.@rakeshdaultabad laid the foundation stone of 2 #development #Projects of GMDA in #NewGurugram…9 month`s ago
I was getting regular complaints about non- functioning of #Street_Lights in New Gurugram sectors I have raised the… https://t.co/rk4eVQq6BV9 month`s ago
RT @Praveenmalik86: For a good Leader,Public interest is always a priority @rakeshdaultabad has shown the action for a long pending obsta…10 month`s ago
Participated in the Talk show exclusively on #Roads_Infrastructure of #New_Gurugram (77-99) Updated the resident… https://t.co/5Hj5pvOZjM10 month`s ago
#ChintelsParadiso incident is a blot on Gurugram's reputation. I will leave no stone unturned in delivering… https://t.co/PbpTGv40gS10 month`s ago
Time has come to ask fundamental questions & reform and make #Haryana at par with European countries. All reform th… https://t.co/FF96TrmlNL11 month`s ago
Inaugurated the formal start of the reconstruction of the road from #Vatika_Flyover (NH-48) to #Pataudi_Road in the… https://t.co/z7f8FlYOgv11 month`s ago
Today in association with @OfficialGMDA Inaugurated the Strengthening & Upgrading of Main sector dividing road from… https://t.co/w9Op2ZQcHa12 month`s ago
#HSVP comes somewhere on top of list of Non-Performing or slow performing depts. It requires rapid reforms. I welco… https://t.co/VcDvIk0xzk1 year`s ago
#विधायक_आपके_द्वार कार्यक्रम को सफल बनाने के लिए @MCManesar के अंतर्गत मेरे क्षेत्र की सरदारी व सम्बंधित विभाग… https://t.co/G8iTHqKCsB1 year`s ago
#प्रदूषण के ख़िलाफ़ मेरी जंग जारी रहेगी, इसी कड़ी में आज गुरुग्राम शहर में एक E-Vehicle शोरूम का अनावरण करते हुए लो… https://t.co/gC3FmAXdEj1 year`s ago
विधानसभा के मानसून सत्र में गुरुग्राम के प्रदूषण, जलभराव, GMDA की Performance और RWA भ्रष्टाचार पर debate में हि… https://t.co/FHAfCkgaP11 year`s ago
Our efforts to solve Gurugram Waterlogging continues.. Honorable ULB Minister @anilvijminister ji shall reply to be… https://t.co/r63Bomybep1 year`s ago
जो कहा वो किया,आगे भी प्रयास जारी है । @OfficialGMDA द्वारा सरकारी पानी की लाइन जुड़ने व पानी की पूर्ति शुरू होने… https://t.co/IryAuNxavH1 year`s ago
RT @rakeshdaultabad: आज चंडीगढ़ में प्रेस वार्ता में मेरे साथी निर्दलीय विधायकों श्री धर्मपाल गोंदर, श्री रणधीर सिंह गोलन और श्री नयनपाल रा…2 year`s ago
आज चंडीगढ़ में प्रेस वार्ता में मेरे साथी निर्दलीय विधायकों श्री धर्मपाल गोंदर, श्री रणधीर सिंह गोलन और श्री नयनपाल… https://t.co/eoNU5g4KTt2 year`s ago
Incentive based model is the Future #IncentiveBill I request @Dchautala Ji, to direct @HaryanaPwd officials to publ… https://t.co/E9NqB561EB2 year`s ago
This is a welcome step. I strongly recommend this to MCG, GMDA, PWD and other Infrastructure Agencies "Low bid करके… https://t.co/5Rs3OkWMVV2 year`s ago
#TransformEducation @mlkhattar @kanwarpalgujjar @Dchautala https://t.co/mSxo84lztv2 year`s ago
I am now part of Vidhansabha Committee on Education & Health in addition to existing membership in Committee on ULB… https://t.co/G0WeFPhRug2 year`s ago
#IncentivizePerformer https://t.co/nnqofsHncx2 year`s ago
RT @gauravmalikCAN: @rakeshdaultabad @mlkhattar @Dchautala 2018 Video of #BeMyHero during Football World Cup https://t.co/R1yd9D0zl12 year`s ago
Education and Healthcare are key. It reinforces my belief in #BeMyHero program which we started in 2018 where profe… https://t.co/tPxCw8IiAw2 year`s ago
#HRRSActAmendment https://t.co/RGXlC3p8JN2 year`s ago
https://t.co/YvVVK7nvCU2 year`s ago
https://t.co/kfd9EkShEK2 year`s ago
I am MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) in Haryana India. @verified Twitter, request you to verify my handle2 year`s ago
https://t.co/4i3R9rxzAP2 year`s ago
RT @cmohry: फसल खरीद का देरी से भुगतान होने पर किसानों को मिलेगा 9 प्रतिशत ब्याज https://t.co/4vDZ5gsMAL2 year`s ago
Toll Shifting परिवर्तन Update: Finally all steps from Haryana Govt's end completed. Thanks to CM Sahab @mlkhattar ,… https://t.co/6pGxzja61Q2 year`s ago
I am pleased to share that tomorrow CM Sahab (@mlkhattar ) shall brief the VidhanSabha on our critical question of… https://t.co/VpN73ITi3u2 year`s ago
On #24MeterRoads across Gurugram, My debate with Minister @JPDALALBJP who was speaking on behalf of CM Sahab… https://t.co/3OkJiaoP4J2 year`s ago
I am pleased to share that CM Sahab (@mlkhattar ) shall brief the VidhanSabha on this important question which has… https://t.co/bqTSwOAlWM2 year`s ago
Conducted a meeting of top breaucrats at Secretariat, Chandigarh for executing steps to shift #KherkiDaulaToll to P… https://t.co/2YOe9uGDNb2 year`s ago
Considering the demand of New Gurugram Residents & a genuine need of Fire Safety , over my proceedings concerned de… https://t.co/YU8rAPJjGM2 year`s ago
Today on my request CM Sahab (@mlkhattar ) publicly announced shifting of #KherkiDaulaToll within 6 months.. https://t.co/pLrk0ekZXb2 year`s ago
Entrepreneurs and Agripreneurs are future of Nation https://t.co/yKPJLmBV6s2 year`s ago
RT @Praveenmalik86: @rakeshdaultabad @mlkhattar @BhupinderSHooda @anilvijminister @PMOIndia @HardeepSPuri @journojoseph @DharamvirNews @Raj…2 year`s ago
There is always a light at the end of tunnel. Builder's (Sare Homes, Sector-92) license cancellation process starte… https://t.co/GKsAKNzwpd2 year`s ago
First Twitter handle and now app. I have been making serious efforts to make GMDA (@OfficialGMDA ) more engaged wit… https://t.co/55pvXfTCz72 year`s ago
Did Press Conference in Faridabad for sharing HRRS Act Amendment Bill. All eminent RWAs' office bearers of Faridaba… https://t.co/8kl49Lfh292 year`s ago
Proud to hold HRRS Act Amendment Bill copy in my hand Today. First time in Haryana's history community has particip… https://t.co/t59fxLHmDu2 year`s ago
Today Administrators #HSVP & @OfficialGMDA along with my team visited all under litigation land patches from Sector… https://t.co/P2DCkKnlZA2 year`s ago
Open Invitation to Media Friends ------------Press Conference---------- Saturday, 23 January, 12 pm, PWD Rest House… https://t.co/jGQ9NZ24H62 year`s ago
Kherki Toll Update: Met HSIIDC officers in Chandigarh today to immediately address and fix challenges to meet the 3… https://t.co/zJJxStvINQ2 year`s ago