Water is life, Save it

Water is one of the most important substances on earth. Every living being requires this essential element to survive. But it is due to the human being the water table is going down and cities are facing water shortages. Alike any other city, Gurugram would soon be engulfed in a water crisis. Here more than 70% of the denizens are dependent on groundwater which is depleting at a rapid pace. Gurugram witnessed rapid urbanization in the last few decades and has become home to a huge migrant population. Lakes and other natural resources of water are either shrinking or have been turned into outlets for the drains across the city. On the other hand, if the city receives the slightest rain it is brought to a halt. The situation becomes worst during the rainy season; roads are clogged with waters and there is heavy traffic everywhere. All these things are happening as the water is not disposed of well due to the lack of a proper drainage system.

To deal with the escalating problem rainwater harvesting is the solution. With this, we can not only make the rainwater useful but also reduce the excessive extraction of groundwater. In a broader way parks across the city should be developed in a slanting design wherein water should trickle down to the lower part of the park. Through an underground drainage system, this water should be carried to a treatment plant and treated to make it potable.

The system is the best solution to deal with the shortage of water in the city. Hindsight everyone should take steps to save water as it is precious.


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Independence: The cynosure of development

It’s been 73 years since we became independent from the British rule and the country is also progressing well. In the recent budget announced, our Finance Minister highlighted that India’s economy has escalated to $2.7 trillion, which was at approx $1.85 trillion in 2014.

This is one side of a picture, the other part of India which resides in the villages still faces gloomy clouds. The education rate in the villages is very low, out of which girl’s education remains at a peril condition. Though the Government is taking initiatives to pulverize this challenge but is unable to bring out a laudable result. There is an urgent need for every girl to be educated, to become independent. An independent girl means a developed society, so the independence of every girl is a cynosure for the development of a society.

Girls in rural areas are forced to quit studies due to various reasons; the most prominent of them is transportation and the travel time taken in reaching School/Colleges. Since Higher Education couldn't be brought to their doorsteps, the other option was to provide the girls with a mode of transport which is safe and preferably free. We under the banner of Parivartan Sang are providing free transportation facilities to the female students so that they can commute without having any worry about their safety and well being. Overall we want to instill independence among them.

Every day scores of girls are traveling in these buses which run through Badhsahpur, Farrukhnagar, Gurgaon, Wazirpurmor, Maarakpur, kheraJhanjhrola, Jurola, Patli, Dhanawas, Khentawas, Jhundsarai, Hayatpur, etc.

Many such initiatives like our bus service are required to make girls independent and also to make our society independent.


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Protecting the environment protects humanity

Blog by Rakesh Daulatabad

India, a country of over one billion people has become one of the most puissant countries in the world with the launch of Chanadrayaan 2. The country is far behind most others when it comes to preserving our mother nature and is grappling with a myriad of environmental concerns. However, most of these issues have been caused by the result of anthropogenic activities.

Air pollution is a common and serious issue in the county caused by human activities. India is always in the headlines due to air pollution and the condition becomes worst during winters. Therefore, it has become a need of the hour to fix the menace of it. Though the concerned authorities are taking stern action to curb air pollution but are unable to churn out the best result out of it. Unrestrained use of plastics is another chief concern which needs urgent attention.

 Regularly, trees are being cut down for the construction of buildings: causing soil erosion and inviting floods. Last year’s Kerala flood is the finest example of environmental degradation caused by human activities.

It should also be the duty of an individual to protect the environment. Taking this forward, we recently launched a plantation drive at Ryan International School, Sector 40, Gurugram, where NASA classified plants, were planted. The drive was organised in association with the Parivartan Sangh along with Ryan International School, where I participated along with the students and parents. More than 200 saplings were planted on this week-long campaign. The students took out a rally outside the school for the locals by holdings hoardings, play cards. Students raised slogans saying ‘Each one, plant one: green nature, better future.’ This is not the end, Parivartan Sang is determined to more such initiatives to protect the environment.

Neglecting the environment can create havoc and the damage done may become unde...

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Government Mismanagement in handling Najfagarh Drain is troubling farmers

The Government of India has always taken up the matter of sustainable development on global forums. But under the nose of policymakers, the Millennium City is unable to manage the overflowing of Najafgarh drain. Due to this, 5600 acres of land, which cover villages like Dhankot, Mohammadhari, Kherki, Makdaula, Daultabad, Chandu etc, is submerged underwater for the last many years.

1500 farmer families are dependent on these 5600 acres of land, where some time ago corn, wheat and vegetables were cultivated. Now, the filth of the garbage has turned the fertile land into the wetland and is unfit for agriculture purpose. This is the result of the imprudence of our policymakers. Najafgargh and the sarbati river used to be an ecological part of Delhi and Aravali range, but now it has been reduced to a mere drain.

Earlier birds tweeted here, now the land has become desolate. How did this happen? This is the question everyone wants to know even the children of Dhankot, Mohammadhari, Khedki, Makdaula and other villages are interested in knowing the reason. I believe the Haryana State Planning Commission and the district administration should provide an immediate solution to the problem.

 After 1990, when Gurgaon started growing, we must have planned our needs as per the growing population. Our government earned profit in the form of taxes from the growing population but failed to invest in managing resources.

 Today around 1500 families are on the road as well as millions of people are suffering from the pollution of Najafgarh drain. The Central Pollution Board is with a view that 67% of the pollution in Yamuna River is due to the Najafgarh drain. Though the government is running programs like water conservation mission and clean India mission, I think the success of these programs cannot be ensured until we clean old water bodies.

I think that the embankment of the Najafgarh drain is the immediate solution to th...

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सरकारी कुप्रबन्धन, नजफगढ़ नाला और बदहाल किसान

भारत सरकार ने वैश्विक मंचों पर हमेशा सतत् विकास की बात को उठाया है किन्तु नीति निर्माताओं के नाक के नीचे दिल्ली एनसीआर से सटे मिलीनिएम सीटी गुरुग्राम में कुप्रबन्धन के और नजफगढ़ ड्रेन के ओवरफ्लो के कारण धनकोट, मोहम्मदहेड़ी, खेडक़ी, माक्डौला, दौल्ताबाद, चंदू, बुढ़ेडा एवं धर्मपुर गांव की लगभग 5600 एकड़ जलमग्न भूमि पिछले कई वर्षो से बदहाल है। 5600 एकड़ जमीन पर 1500 किसान परिवार निर्भर है, जहाँ à¤...

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