Independence: The cynosure of development

It’s been 73 years since we became independent from the British rule and the country is also progressing well. In the recent budget announced, our Finance Minister highlighted that India’s economy has escalated to $2.7 trillion, which was at approx $1.85 trillion in 2014.

This is one side of a picture, the other part of India which resides in the villages still faces gloomy clouds. The education rate in the villages is very low, out of which girl’s education remains at a peril condition. Though the Government is taking initiatives to pulverize this challenge but is unable to bring out a laudable result. There is an urgent need for every girl to be educated, to become independent. An independent girl means a developed society, so the independence of every girl is a cynosure for the development of a society.

Girls in rural areas are forced to quit studies due to various reasons; the most prominent of them is transportation and the travel time taken in reaching School/Colleges. Since Higher Education couldn't be brought to their doorsteps, the other option was to provide the girls with a mode of transport which is safe and preferably free. We under the banner of Parivartan Sang are providing free transportation facilities to the female students so that they can commute without having any worry about their safety and well being. Overall we want to instill independence among them.

Every day scores of girls are traveling in these buses which run through Badhsahpur, Farrukhnagar, Gurgaon, Wazirpurmor, Maarakpur, kheraJhanjhrola, Jurola, Patli, Dhanawas, Khentawas, Jhundsarai, Hayatpur, etc.

Many such initiatives like our bus service are required to make girls independent and also to make our society independent.