Water is life, Save it

Water is one of the most important substances on earth. Every living being requires this essential element to survive. But it is due to the human being the water table is going down and cities are facing water shortages. Alike any other city, Gurugram would soon be engulfed in a water crisis. Here more than 70% of the denizens are dependent on groundwater which is depleting at a rapid pace. Gurugram witnessed rapid urbanization in the last few decades and has become home to a huge migrant population. Lakes and other natural resources of water are either shrinking or have been turned into outlets for the drains across the city. On the other hand, if the city receives the slightest rain it is brought to a halt. The situation becomes worst during the rainy season; roads are clogged with waters and there is heavy traffic everywhere. All these things are happening as the water is not disposed of well due to the lack of a proper drainage system.

To deal with the escalating problem rainwater harvesting is the solution. With this, we can not only make the rainwater useful but also reduce the excessive extraction of groundwater. In a broader way parks across the city should be developed in a slanting design wherein water should trickle down to the lower part of the park. Through an underground drainage system, this water should be carried to a treatment plant and treated to make it potable.

The system is the best solution to deal with the shortage of water in the city. Hindsight everyone should take steps to save water as it is precious.